Purebrot, Impossible Foods

Crafting an ecommerce experience for handcrafted breads and bakery products.

Web & Mobile UI

The Problem

Purebrot’s user experience was flawed and riddled with a number of issues related to product discovery and online ordering.

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The Solution

We conducted an immersive session with the internal stakeholders followed by an extensive user research to understand the gaps. After speaking to a wide variety of users falling in different age groups, we defined user personas and created a user journey to help us chart the roadmap for the redesign.

The Process

Our broad approach was to unearth the issues and have a data led design methodology.

Research > Planning > Design & Test > Refine

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Basis the user flow, we created a site map to chart the structure of the website and developed wireframes.

Refining the brand’s visual language

In order for us to craft a contemporary UI, we had to tweak the visual design to meet the requirements. We did that without undergoing an extensive rebranding exercise by enhancing the existing design elements and creating a language close to the existing one.


Resulting UX/UI

We meticulously worked on multiple journeys and crafted the experience in a way that’s comprehensible to the primary audience with intuitive UI elements.

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Subscription Model

The repeat business of the bakery was dependent on the success of the subscription model. We looked at multiple scenarios emerging in this journey and crafted a UX that’s heavily personalized. RIght from the type of bread they wanted on specific days to turning off the subscription as per their convenience, all this was planned in detail.

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