At the heart of everything we do there is a method. From articulating the project brief to laying out a product vision document, our approach is tailormade.

Our Stages



A deep dive exercise with the stakeholders to arrive at the problem statements.



We synthesize the information and explore all the possible scenarios before arriving at a holistic solution.



We unleash our creative energies to craft an experience that emotes and connects with the audience.

Operating models

Project Based

A project - based engagement model for well-defined requirements and expected deliverables. In this model we will work within the boundaries of the expected one time outcome.

  • We gather the requirements and document it.
  • Indicate rough timelines & cost estimate
  • Approvals & kick off

Hybrid Team

A team of HAT Strategists and Designers who work as your in- house design team. In this model we focus on driving the strategy and enabling implementation in tandem with the roadmap, while constantly evaluating impact to iterate.

  • Min Months Required: 6
  • Retainer arrived at based on the quantum of work
  • It accommodates multiple products/projects

Time & Material

The engagement is based on a fixed hourly rate which is agreed upon at the time of contract signing. This offers flexibility to alter the project specification on an ongoing basis based upon upcoming market trends and business situations. This could complement an initial burst of the first approach.

  • We use timesheets to quantify the effort
  • After receiving the brief, we share a plan to achieve that so production can be lined up
  • Daily stand ups to measure progress and iterate when needed

Ways of working

We are learning and continuously evolving to make ourselves more efficient, multifaceted, quality driven & above all better human beings.


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