All Natural Soda - India’s first premium carbonated drinks brand


It is #SODAmngood

Fresh as a pomelo, peppery like ginger, and sprightly, as soda should be, Local is one of India’s first premium carbonated drinks brands that’s working to put Northeastern produce on the map. Perceived by founders, Zomawii Khiangte and Felipe Rodriguez in 2020, and with its roots in Mizoram, Local imbues the spirit of the brand name. We are honest, fresh, and our sodas are made with indigenous produce by indigenous people. They champion small-batch brewing and use natural products, such as fresh juices, to ensure that they are preservative-free.

We partnered with Local to craft a distinct brand language and identity and more importantly to design the packaging label. We wanted to create a language that is bright & graphic with a clash of patterns repeating over the label. The Ingredients were laid out in a grid pattern as base for logo + nature. The logo was custom designed to bring out the essence of local - the brand and local - the community.

local-bottle-image local-bottle-image
local-section-6-image local-section-6-image