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Building a narrative for the future of food.

Branding, Communication Design, UI/UX, Development

The Problem

Feeding almost 10 billion people globally by 2050, through systems that do not negatively impact climate, biodiversity, and our scarce natural resources will pose an imminent threat to our planet.

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United Nations scientists state that raising animals for food is “one of the major causes of the world's most pressing environmental problems, including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.”

The Challenge

Our key challenge was to craft a compelling visual narrative to depict the future of food globally in a manner that is descriptive yet a breeze to comprehend the myriad complexities involved.

The Solution

Our effort was to break the complex concepts down into simple visually descriptive narratives, explained in a manner that reinforces the broader vision of The Good Food Institute. We built a graphic storytelling style that articulates the concepts for the larger audience at play.

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Visual language

Given the nature of content which is largely verbose in nature, we created a visual language that supports and complements the discourse. With minimal icons, illustrations and visuals we created a repository of high level design elements which could be applied to multiple communication touchpoints at any given point in time.

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Icons & Illustrations

We wanted to demystify the heavy duty concepts in food and technology by creating icons and illustrations that support the narrative and at the same time make it in a way that’s vibrant and appealing.

Website & Mobile UI

A complete revamp of website was called for. It was executed keeping in mind the following factors: better usability, faster load time, personalized content experience and more importantly to bring the essence of the brand to the fore. We achieved all of it with a mobile first approach.

Event Marketing Support

GFI host a bunch of events every year to promote the concept of smart protein in India and globally. Our role was to conceptualize the branding and communication for the event properties.

Asia Summit on Alternative Protein

It is estimated that 31% of the growth of global protein consumption between 2018 and 2025 will come from China and 13% from the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, while only 2% is attributed to North America. This is why Asia Pacific is such an important piece of the protein puzzle. The Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific shared the real stories behind this booming industry in their inaugural Asia Summit on Alternative Proteins.

Smart Protein Summit

The Smart Protein Summit 2020 was curated and convened by The Good Food Institute India. The online event saw a host of innovators producing the future of protein - delicious, nutritious meat, eggs, and dairy, made from plants, cells, and microorganisms.

Website & Mobile UI

We crafted the website for the Smart Protein Summit, introducing the speakers and announcing the dates for the mega online event. Our efforts were well received by the GFI teams in India and globally as we saw a record number of registrations.

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