Another Video Company

Another Video Company

Crafting the experience for a video production house.

Brand Identity, Website design & development

The Story

Another Video Company or AVC is a young, dynamic and creative production house. We were asked to craft an unique brand name, identity and showcase website.

Our approach was to challenge the convention and defy the rules of the game. We crafted an identity that is simple, bold and striking.

Design language

The color red resembles energy, vibrancy and creativity. Combined with the classic black color we crafted a bold and striking visual identity. We also added streaky elements of quirkiness in design to convey the impulsiveness and improvisation the brand stands for.

Another Video Company



Speak about how we tried to create a unique website, with modern graphics, animations, an unconventional layout and chock full of micro interactions

Bold, clear, style

Interactive, creative design

Creating curiosity

Unconventional layout


responsive design

"We're Inspired By Thee"

An idea we loved. We designed info bubbles across the website which on click displayed information about a famous artist.

contact form

unique footer

Social Stories

As the name goes it is not another video company that merely makes creatives videos however they also work on social impact stories. We created a case study page to convey the stories of such selfless people and organizations. The designs are adorned by the powerful images captured by the AVC team.

case study landing page

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