Pure and wholesome meal

Enabling a home food catering startup to deliver an authentic and wholesome meal.

Branding & Communication, Ecommerce platform Design & Development

The Story

Sadhya is born out of the vision to serve the most authentic South Indian food at the comfort of everyone's homes. Prepared with a lot of care and love, the recipes have been refined over three decades of work. The pure vegetarian dishes are not just delicious but also therapeutic with proven health benefits. Our task was to create an identity that’s very individualistic, traditional and raw.

The Inspiration

We drew our inspiration for the brand by diving deep into the cook’s life and persona. We charted down all her likes from the most valuable thing to her take on life and to matters beyond food. The most interesting thing that struck us about her, was her incredible love for elephants. She felt they are the most magnanimous and gentle beings despite their size.

We began our exploration and crafted a brand that’s personal, simple and traditional.


Questa Grande / Heading


PT Sans / Body copy


Color palette

For visual language there is no fix palette. The criteria is that the colors used in the illustration should be earthy / natural.

For writeup


Visual language

Raw hand drawn artworks reflecting the south indian tradition and culture, bringing out the authenticity and purity to the fore.

Icon style is an extension of the same freehand doodle pattern.

The Website

We envisaged a website to not just enable food delivery but also educate the users about the rich tradition, culture and culinary practices. We wanted users to have an immersive experience of having a south indian meal at the comfort of their homes at the same time following the ways of eating and serving.

Mobile responsive

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