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Branding & Communication,
Website design & development

The Story

Ayucare is a wellness consultant brand based in california. They offer a personalized health plan that combines traditional ayurveda, yogic practices and modern medicine. Our mandate was to revamp the existing identity and elevate the brands experience overall.

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Ayu in sanskrit means life. Ayu + care essentially means to treat oneself with care by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being disease free. With this as the basis, we crafted a dynamic identity that conveys the various dimensions of health and wellbeing. The core message being - taking health and wellbeing in your own hands.

We created a brand language that is approachable, personalized and elegant.

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A visual language

The logo evolved to encompass the values of the brand in the form of symbols for each.

Further, this slowly translated to every brand material including the stationery, the posters, flyers, forms and, most importantly, the website.

The Website

We crafted the communication and created an information flow to educate the potential users about the offerings, process and ways of healing. We wanted to bring out the essence of traditional ayurvedic practices combined with modern medicine.

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