PNB Housing

Enabling lenders to underwrite and evaluate real estate developers seeking financing.

Mobile & Web Application

The Problem

Loan underwriting decisions are made from information derived from a huge variety of data. Underwriting is key to assessing the acceptable risk involved in financing a real estate property. It demands time and high-skilled people which can be a deterrent towards speedy assessments and approvals.

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The Solution

We partnered with PNB Housing and Celusion to reduce loan disbursement time through online collaboration with partner portal. Loan cases, allocated to agencies complete their valuations and submit reports from the field. Agencies can manage the work loads of their team and manage all invoicing and payouts through the partner portal.

The Process

We conducted an immersive workshop with the stakeholders to understand the practical challenges and limitations of the loan underwriting process. We conducted one on one interviews with the frontline agents that onboard the property developers and set the stage for the other internal team members.

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Simplifying Onboarding

The underwriting process entails an exhaustive collection of information for onboarding real estate developers. We used collapsible menus to aid the agents filling the form under various titles. A complete feature list was drawn out of the research and interactions with the agents and the clients.

Design System

Colors, Fonts, Notifications, pop-ups, dialogue boxes, calendar, error and success states - a comprehensive design system was created to enable designers and developers work swiftly given the magnitude of the project.

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